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Posted 15 hours ago

((Those clouds are not as soft as they look.))

Posted 1 day ago

((Yep, they can still do that. Though it is more blunt than their original versions.))

Posted 2 days ago

((What, you never put machine guns on clouds before?))

Posted 3 days ago

((Can you tell a theme with these backgrounds yet?))

Posted 3 days ago

GLAB: I just hope she doesn’t submit to the darkness.

((Also, this will be the last question answered till July 27. Want to build them up. Story will continue.))

Posted 3 days ago

GLAB: Was I just Hero-Snipped?

((I am a lover of old school cartoons and the day making this, I was on a Mighty Mouse kick. Funny enough, my first introduction to him was through this.))

Posted 4 days ago

((Its Care Bears. It had to have a smiley face. And I totally forgot the tail in the last two panels. My bad.))

Posted 4 days ago

GLAB: A bounty hunter who still has the rings and created CLONES OF ME!!!

Posted 4 days ago

GLAB: It even said best used before 2099.

((This is a reference to a Simpsons Episode called “Sideshow Bob’s Last Gleaming”. Who knew Nuclear devices have a best use date? ))

Posted 5 days ago

((When I do a story line here, any questions I get that isn’t about the current story line will be technically answered in the future. And since I’ve done the story line comics ahead of time, I can’t really put any questions during it. 

This is the one exception since I got the question before I done more.))