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Posted 10 hours ago

((And since most of the events on the show are canon to this, we have officially killed more than the show this is based off!

And hello first official appearance of Red Lantern Gilda.))

Posted 12 hours ago

GLAB: Shame it wasn’t Babs, but he’s a good helper around the farm.

Posted 14 hours ago

GLAB: See, its things like these that prevents me from trusting you.

((Best bet, wait till all your asks have been answered. And minus the ones I can’t use (Care Bears Story line), that leaves two.))

Posted 1 day ago

((Did you really think GLAB couldn’t get out of a cage made of fluffy clouds? This isn’t the Rainbow Factory.))

Posted 1 day ago

GLAB: You could also be a Changeling. So how can I tell you are you and not some pony else?

Posted 1 day ago

GLAB: I swear, one of these days, I’m going to imprison you so hard it’ll make Nightmare Moon’s banishment look like a weekend holiday!

((Background made by Archive Alicorn.))

Posted 2 days ago

((For you would be conquerors out there, if your main weapons happen to be made of the stuff 1/3 of your would be conquered could destroy easily, its best not to invade.))

Posted 2 days ago

GLAB: Are you even the same one who said that earlier stuff?

Posted 2 days ago

GLAB: I would worry more about the Slenderman than her.

Posted 3 days ago

((The invasion has begun. Can you identify all the ponies here?))