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Killion: GLAB is good. I’m just better!

((Mod: I believe they are referring to this old post. It’s also a post to show that The Pony Playground is not dead. I’ve also told the others they need to update.

I’m pretty sure Killion will be Apple Bloom’s arch frienemy when they get older, though that’s not confirmed. Just a fun idea.))

((I’ve been meaning to reblog this, but never got the chance to. Wanted to make a panel response, but just didn’t. Sorry.))

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Grumpy: So long ago…

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((If you meant the sprites, I use MSPaint to make them.))

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GLAB: I seriously have no clue what y’all talking about.

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This event was originally something for the Middle Ground alone, but I felt it should be spread wide. So this year, I plan to give a gift a day to a member of the Middle Ground as well as a gift to a Tumblr I follow. Sadly, due to a lot of issues this year, my gifts are mostly going to be in the form of a sig image. 

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((And taking a look at some of the space friends GLAB has made. Try and make up your own story for the background.))

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((And now for the other members of the Ministry.))

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((Last of the guest stars: theamazingspiderponyask-mareofsteel, and ask-green-lantern-fluttershy. I forgot to do the back hair for Spiderpony. And getting the webs were really hard to do. Possibly next time I would stick with the just red like most games depict.))