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Fluttershy: I’ll be sure to let him know.

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GLAB: Tough choice…

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((Truck sprites by NICKtendo.))

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Gilda: It was just lying there. Luckily I picked it up or else someone else would have gotten this.

((See the real story here.))

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(Made it pass the blogs first 100 followers, were getting close to 200 as well.)
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((I totally missed this. Thank you so much for including GLAB!))

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((Someone falling is dark, yet the clear obliteration of one isn’t? Weird world we live in.))

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GLAB: Totally knew it was her.

((If I could make a PMV, I would make one about Big Mac with this song.

Cloud Vector by MisterAibo))

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To the mod: if you can have any Red Lantern member come onto Equestria and show Gilda that Aliens exist, then whom would it be ?
mb5sp asked

((Considering I have it set that Normal Red Lanterns burn up in Equestrian Air, it would have to be someone I dislike.

But if I could, I would pick Zilius Zox. I could imagine him wanting Gilda to pay back dues for being a Red Lantern.))